Your default view when you log into Rocketlane is a list of tasks assigned to you that are yet to be completed by you. 

You can change what you see by changing the ViewAssigned to, and Group by filters.



You can filter for all tasks, incomplete tasks, and completed tasks. You can further filter for completed tasks by their date of completion.

Assigned to

You can also filter for tasks that have been assigned to you, teams on Rocketlane that you are a part of, or both.

Group by

You can filter for tasks based on due dates or projects that you are a part of.

Your team’s tasks

Right next to the All Tasks tab, you’ll find another tab that will list all of your team’s tasks. By default, incomplete tasks are listed, grouped according to their due dates.

To create a task

  1. Click the New task button on the top right corner

  1. A pop-up opens where you can create the task. Add the name and map it to a project.

  1. Once you’ve selected the relevant project, you’ll find options to assign it to a team member and add a due date to the task.

Note: Ensure that the person you want to assign the task to has been added as a team member to your project.

  1. Add a description to the project as required

  1. Click Create. If you want to keep the task private, click the dropdown option next to the Create button and select Create as private.

And you’re done!