You can provide status updates on your project right from Rocketlane.

To do this, in Rocketlane,

  1. Click the Projects icon or press P

  2. The Project details page appears. Select the project for which you want to provide a status update

  3. Click the Status updates tab

  4. Click New update. If you want to make it private, click the dropdown arrow next to the button and click New private update

The status update form appears:

  1. Fill in the necessary information. You can assign collaborators, and highlight progress on tasks, milestones, and approvals. 

  1. Once you’ve added all the necessary updates, click Publish

To create a new status update for a project, use the New Update button from the drawer menu under Status updates

You can compose your update as a combination of your commentary and smart sections provided on the right side of the status update by dragging and dropping those sections into the status update body. You can also mention people whose attention you require for the update and get a discussion going on the Conversations tab.

Click Save once you’ve filled in the details.

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