Tasks are essentially your project broken down into actionable work items. In Rocketlane, this is one of the most essential building blocks for your onboarding project.

How to create a task

To create a task, 

  1. Click the ‘+’ icon on the left panel

  1. A pop-up opens, where you can create the task. Add the name and map it to a project.

  1. Once you’ve selected the relevant project, you’ll find options to assign it to a team member and add a due date to the task.

Note: Ensure that the person you want to assign the task to has been added as a team member to your project.

  1. Add a description to the project as required

  1. Click Create. If you want to keep the task private, click the dropdown option available next to the Create button and select Create as private

And you’re done!

Note: You can also add a task from within a project. At the end of the task list, you’ll find the Add New Task option. Click to add a task.

Best practices

  • Ensure your task title is specific

  • Adding a description helps the assignee know what the task is about

  • Add any documents and attachments to the task that the assignee will require. 

Questions? Write to care@rocketlane.com